Grown and cultivated from a passion for the verdant, lush Italian countryside and steeped in a family tradition going back centuries, the Balbano Winery has become one of the most beloved vineyards in all of Italy. Founded by the late Giuseppe Balbano, the sprawling estate and its vineyards are maintained by his family with the utmost respect for the land that our ancestors have bled for (and sometimes killed for). The winery was recently handed down to Don Balbano’s American granddaughter (and now CEO) Kristin Balbano, who is never afraid to get her hands and feet dirty as she can often be seen stomping grapes with her right-hand lady (and Chief Operating Officer), Bianca. Any rival winery that has crossed the Balbanos has met the same fate as the fruit, but don’t let our competitive nature distract you from our fine selection of wines. When you’re offered a glass of Balbano wine, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.
From suburban mom to vivacious vintner, Kristin blends the perfect body of work and life experience to run the Balbano Winery. Her previous profession in advertising set Kristin up for success as word of her flourishing estate quickly spread; everyone now knows she is the Mother of all CEOs and the boss of the borgata. Not one to rule with an ironfist, however, our beloved leader opts for oven mitts and brings her famous muffins to every board meeting.
Our Founder
Don Giuseppe
Alessandro Bressanello
Before our beloved founder Giuseppe Balbano was murdered by a rival…winery, he was a family man through and through. Tragically estranged from his granddaughter and our current CEO Kristin, he never lost faith in the fact that she would grow up to be as powerful a boss as he once was. Leaving the Balbano Winery to her was his dying wish, and his legacy continues on with every, “Salute!” of our finest wines.
Our Chief Operating Officer
Monica Bellucci
Longtime confidant of the Balbano family, Bianca is one of our most trusted team members. Whether it is making sure our CEO is dressed to kill or knowing the best way to take out the competition, Bianca’s work is crucial in making sure everything at the Balbano Winery goes according to plan.
OUR Intern
Eduardo Scarpetta
Fabrizio is as eager as they get when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Oftentimes a little too ambitious, he believes himself ready to shoot right to the top and claim Kristin’s spot as CEO at the Balbano Winery. Shortsighted, hot-tempered, and lacking in interpersonal skills, we often wonder to ourselves why we’ve kept Fabrizio on for so long. The answer is simple, though. He is family and as a wise Don once said, “You can do anything, but never go against the family.”
Our Quality Assurance
Dante & Aldo
Alfonso Perugini & Francesco Mastroianni
We at the Balbano Winery have some of the most precious cargo in Italy; that means having the most diligent eyes on our product at all times. Dante and Aldo have dedicated their lives to the quality of our wines and the well-being of our CEO. When they aren’t onsite monitoring production, they’re accompanying Kristin all over Italy while she samples the finest of flavors under the Tuscan sun.
Our Legal Counsel
Sophia Nomvete
While the caseloads of wine at Balbano Winery are looked after by the esteemed Dante and Aldo, the law and order of operations is headed by our sassy and suave shark of an attorney Jenny. If you’re looking to pick a fight with the family, be prepared to “Eat, Pray, and F**k” off, as Jenny’s motto goes. She’ll have the case dismissed before you can uncork a bottle of our finest Super Tuscan.
Super tuscan
Our Super Tuscan is a full bodied representation of this phenomenal wine region. It is slightly earthy, with aromas of chocolate, raisins, nutmeg, vanilla, cherry, leather and tobacco that will lead you to a bright, flavorful wine with moderate tannins and the perfect amount of acidity. Enjoy a glass of this superior deep red that flows like the blood of our enemies.
Best served around 62-68˚F
Sauvignon blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc is a stunning representation of this beloved white wine. It’s a beautiful pale yellow, that greets you with the floral of green herbs, gooseberries and white flowers. Its medium acidity comes with a flavor as bold as our beloved CEO.
Best served between 37°F - 43°F
Sweet rosé
Our Rose starts out with a stunning blend of Italy’s finest white wines grown in our own Balbano soil and blended by our amazing wine makers into a bold strawberry floral nose. This rosé has a well structured body and a finish as crisp as the shells of the finest cannoli.
Best served chilled at 45˚F
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